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It all started with a surfboard & 4 friends.


Smart Box was inspired by the surfing passions and the wave’s elegant simplicity, by Bryan Koelling, Co-Founder, along with the additional Co-Founders, Daniel Savage, his brother Brandon Savage & Javier Escobedo. 


Our driving philosophy here at SmartBox is to keep it simple & savor the moments that make our days.


We have created a simple way to assemble cabinets.This, along with Brandon’s incredible expertise & knowledge of machinery, we are able to produce cabinets of the highest quality & construction – all right here in California.


The Team developed a made-in-California cabinet brand that creates relaxed living spaces, using innovative & smart materials, while also maintaining comfortable price points.  All of this with an order time of only 5-8 weeks.


Keep it simple + make it beautiful

Limited 5 year warranty

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