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Design Checklist for your Kitchen Remodel

There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when designing a kitchen so have made a Kitchen Design checklist for your next project! Take a look:

This first section, Layout and Style, is where you decide on your project basics.

The second section, Cabinetry, is a big section to consider . To get the most function out of your space your cabinetry choices are vital. Make note of all of the kitchen utensils and tools that need to be stored. How often are these items used? How accessible do they need to be and in what part of the kitchen?

In this next sections we look at Small Appliances and Large Appliances.

  • Small Appliances - Some things to consider: Do you want your small appliances on the countertop? Do you have space for an appliance garage? Can the appliance fit in a cabinet?

  • Large Appliances - These come in a range of standard sizes so it is important to finalize your selections prior to finalizing your cabinet design.

While the next two sections are at the bottom of this checklist, that does not mean they are not important. The Finishes and Accessories section is where a lot of fun design choices are made. Be sure to research Organizational Add-On accessories for cabinets as they are essential in maximizing storage and functionality.

Here is a printable checklist for you to use!

Kitchen Design Checklist
Download PDF • 67KB

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