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Design Process


Let's Meet.

Step 1 Complimentary 

Let’s Meet 

Every kitchen design is unique, just like each client. We use this time to get to know you and your project better as well as for you to get to know us. As we'll be collaborating closely to make the most of your space and make it delightful, this first step is essential.


We will talk about a variety of subjects during our first meeting, including:

Spatial planning, objectives, and expectations.

Houzz, Pinterest, etc. on the design wish list for a given budget.


Define, Refine & Design.

Step 2 It's a paid service. $500.00

Define, Refine & Design 

Here's where we start working hard for you. We don't just create a "recommended" kitchen with a projected price. We accurately measure your area to ensure that the designs we bring to you are not only functional and make the most of your available space, but also that the kitchen will be useful for you and your family. In order for you to know exactly what you are getting, we will also provide you with accurate pricing rather than simply "an estimate".


What to anticipate from us: We'll take thorough measurements of your kitchen and work with you to create a gorgeous and useful new room.

We Give your space well-thought-out ideas and an accurate price quote, not just an estimate.

Display a variety of door types and colors.

Also, we will give you a top view blueprint of your new kitchen.

*12 hours of design time 

*Note: Any fees paid prior to ordering will be deducted from your final cabinetry purchase.





Final Approval & Deposit

Step 3 It’s a paid service: $1,200.00 or 50% deposit

Final Approval & Deposit 

To ensure that we are giving you the greatest options for your space in the second meeting when we show your kitchen design, we go through the whole area in Step 2. Clients are usually prepared to buy their kitchen cabinets at this stage. The next step is to pay a 50% deposit. You won't have to pay the remaining 50% until two days before your cabinets are delivered to your house.


If you decide not to buy your cabinets at that time, you can hire us to explore the design further or to present it to your loved ones so they can give their approval. With this retainer, we will also have the design views ready and give them to you so you can look through them whenever you like. 

*24 hours of desing time

*Note: Any fees paid prior to ordering will be deducted from your final cabinetry purchase.

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