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Design Process


Let's Meet.

We offer a free, 30-minute Zoom video call where we find out more about your Project. 

We will discuss:

  • Your Vision

  • What stage of the process you are in with your project

  • Next Steps










Define & Design.


Refine the Design.

Based on our previous photo-realistic rendering we have provided, we will now get to work on every single detail, creating dimensioned floor plans, elevations and renderings.

We will review together to make sure everything is perfect!


You will then have a Project Book that you can provide to contractors, installers for a bid.


Allow approx. 2-3 weeks to produce your Project Book. If additional revisions beyond our standard 3 is needed, you can always upgrade for additional design time.


+credit towards final purchase


Final Approval.

Wrapping it Up!

Once your final design is approved by you, we will provide you with the Final Price Quote, along with numbered drawings with corresponding cabinetry list. 

  It is extremely important to:

  • Review your drawings, priced cabinetry & confirm each cabinet box and part to be installed.

  • Confirm all measurements are accurate.


Pre-Production & Production.

Once you have signed & approved the Final Pricing and your Project Book, we will then:

  • Send an Invoice to complete your payment.

  • Full payment is required to place your order into production (minus the Design Deposit & Project Deposit).

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your payment and then provide a shipping date shortly thereafter

  • Please allow 5-8 weeks for cabinetry lead time, plus travel time to your Home. *Please inquire about lead time for custom materials

See your vision come alive!

You will be provided with:

  • a photo-realistic rendering of your Design

  • Preliminary Price

  • 3 different color/material samples to be sent to you

Allow 1-2 weeks for completion after our inital meeting date. We then meet for an hour to review the preliminary design.

Your deposit covers the renderings and pricing for a single room (i.e., Kitchen, Bath, Laundry)





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