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DIY 3D Coy Fish - These fish move! A fun easy craft for adults and kids!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

3D paper coy fish



  • 18"x18" scrapbook paper

  • Scrap piece of paper (for the fins and tail)

  • White construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Sharpie or black marker

  • Glue Stick

| Don't have scrapbook paper? Click here for instructions on how to fold and cut construction paper into a square. |

Steps for a 3D coy fish:

  • Select a square piece of paper

  • Take your piece of paper and fold it in half

  • Now unfold the paper and fold the corner to the center folded line

  • Repeat with the other corner. You should now how 4 sections

  • Re-fold the square in half

  • Continue the cuts about 1" apart all of the way to the tail. Start about 3-4" in. This will be the head.

  • Make sure to cut all of the way to the folded line.

  • Continue the cuts about 1" apart all of the way to the tail.

  • Take your piece of white paper and cut out two circles for the eyes. I freehanded them but you can find something circular and trace it if you want prefect circles.

  • Use your sharpie to eyeballs on the white paper eyes.

  • Glue an eye on each side of the fishes head above your first cut line.

  • Put glue on one triangular section next to the cuts.

  • Fold the other triangular section onto the glued section. This should create a "cone" shape.

  • Select some scrap paper and sketch a tail and fins on the back of the scrap paper. You might want to practice on extra paper to get the size that works for you.

  • Cut the pieces out.

  • Add glue to the underside of the fish at the base for the tail and on either side toward the center for the fins.

Here are my five Coy fish ready for a swim!


Kids remix!!

My boys got into it too! They made a fish along with me but then took the project instructions and ran with it!. One of my little dudes made a sting ray and the other little dude scaled the project down and made a cute little prawn :)


How to fold and cut construction paper into a square!

| Don't forget to save the piece you cut off. You can use it for the fins and tail |

Now you can jump back here and follow the rest of the instructions!

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