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DIY Naked Bouncy Egg

Naked bouncing egg. A fun and very easy experiment to do in the spring (or anytime of the year).

All you need is an egg, a bowl or jar, and white vinegar.

Place the egg in the bowl with enough vinegar to cover the egg. Now let it sit there for about 48 hours. Rotate the egg a few times so each part has time to soak in the vinegar.

Over this period of time you will start to notice some small bubbles. This is the shell being disintegrated by the vinegar. The acid in the vinegar and the calcium carbonate in the eggshell have a chemical reaction and create the bubbles.

Once the egg shell has disintegrated you will be left with the egg being held together by the egg membrane.

Try gently squishing the egg.

The egg has also gotten larger while sitting in the vinegar.

Try gently bouncing the egg or shining a flashlight through it and watch the yolk move around!

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