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Free Printable Story Cards. Fun imagination activity for all ages!

Free Printable Story Cards

Are you looking for a small and creative distraction to have readily on hand? These story cards are so convenient to have on hand at a restaurant, doctors office, airplane or car ride. They are also a fun at home game. Let your imagination run wild and see what amazing stories you can come up with!


Let's get started!

I hope the story cards can be an entertaining tool that helps get your imagination started. I decided to create 4 categories: Transportation, Location, Character, Item. Then I selected a variety of images in each category. I also left a few blank cards so you can draw in your own ideas!


Some ideas of how to play:

Solo Play:

You can tell your story out loud, write it down or just imagine it!

  • Divide the cards by category and pick one from each category. Create a story using the cards you selected. You can tell them out loud, write it down or just imagine it!

  • Mix them all together and pick 3 or 4. Now you get to come up with a story that includes all of your cards.

With friends:

Mix up all of the cards. Place them in a pile face down. Flip the top card over. This will be the starting card. Everyone picks up 2 cards from the pile. Don't show these to anyone. The first person picks one of their cards and places it next to the flipped over card and starts the story with these 2 cards. The next person places one of their cards down next to the other cards and adds it into the story. Continue until you all run out of cards. Mix up all of the cards and see what story you imagine next!

Solo Play or with friends:

  • Select 3 or 4 cards and create a comic, book or drawing including the items you selected


Want to make some story cards?!

I made my story cards with a Cricut Maker and some left over Vinyl and Kraftboard . I like the thickness and feel of the Kraftboard for this project. If you don't have a Cricut, I have attached a Free Printable PDF as well! The thicker the paper the better but don't worry! These can even be printed on plain printer paper.

I didn't include the cards with the brown vinyl in the image above but I decided that even though I didn't love them on the Kraftboard it gets the job done!


Free Printable PDF and cricut cut files!!

Cricut cut file

PDF I recommend folding the paper in half and fold along the edge of the color change between cards. Next cut along the folded lines.

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