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Will magazine boxes organize this cabinet for good?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Do you have any cabinets that look like this?! I love that my boys are passionate about drawing but the mess they create is not so cool. We have tried to organize and make sense of this area many, many times but it inevitably looks like this until I break down, clear it out and re-organize. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Also, did I mention it’s a corner cabinet? There is that fun little obstacle.

So what is the best way to store things such as paper and art supplies? I have tried baskets and plastic boxes. I have tried stacking the paper in nice stacks in hopes it will stay that way (Ha!). And as I have learned, my boys are fast movers. They clean up but their version of clean varies slightly from mine 😉 They figure if it’s in the cabinet it is put away. I would like a little more organization. Hopefully, the magazine boxes I found will help solve that problem.

These magazine boxes are going to go in the corner cabinet so that when my boys want to use it, they can take the box(es) out and move it to the table. After they are done creating they put everything back in it’s box and return the box to the cabinet. Easy. Right? 😐 My hope is that this will help keep things organized since they will have the box already with them. Just put the items they are working on back and return the box!

I found a pack of magazine boxes on Amazon for around $15. The ones I found were just cardboard. I didn’t want to spend a lot and I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the other options I found. Also, I figured we could decorate these and personalize them. I was debating on ordering stickers but I opted to just use sharpies that I already had and some old stencils. If you don’t have stencils you can use things from around the house to trace such as cups, coins, leaves, or anything with a straight edge (cardboard or a book). Just be careful! The ink may get on whatever you use to trace. You can always just draw or doodle without stencils and get creative.

The kids, my husband and I sat down and started without much of a plan. We just picked up stencils and markers and winged it. I think they turned out really well!

I was going to add the white labels that came with the boxes but I think I like them better without. What do you think?

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